Butterfield Station

The name Butterfield Station is deeply engrained within the history of California. The historic Butterfield Overland Stagecoach Line, established in 1858, was the first transcontinental route from the Mississippi River to California that carries settlers to the great American West. Named for the stations along this historic rail line, our wines personify the promise of California and the new frontier. According to Hoyle The Butterfield Overland Stagecoach Line, established in 1858, ran from Tipton, Missouri to Los Angeles and continued up through the vineyards of Central California into San Francisco. It was the first transcontinental coach line to carry passengers west of the Mississippi River. This crucial route stopped at over 200 towns, where each stop was referred to by the locals as a Butterfield Station. Firebaugh’s Ferry was an important trading post along the Butterfield Overland’s path through Central California. Entrepreneur Andrew J. Firebaugh established the ferry on the San Joaquin River for passengers traveling from San Francisco to St. Louis. It served as an integral passageway in the western migration and the movement of freight and grain up and down the west coast.


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